Flying things and things in threes

A week or so ago, two pigeons were flying around outside my office window. The following day one flew right at my front door and actually banged into it. I thought it might be stunned so I went outside. There was nothing…not even a feather. I figured they were building a nest somewhere and so I shrugged it off and went back to work.  

On the Saturday, I heard peeping from my office window, and a ton of bumping and other noises. My thoughts went immediately to a roadrunner attacking one of the bunnies that had a home underneath the bushes near my garage. I rushed outside ready to chase off the roadrunner and accidentally scared off a mother duck and her four ducklings. Mama ran off, quacking up a storm. I was about to enter the house when I caught a glimpse of a duckling upside down in a pool of muddy water. The sprinklers had just shut down and left a nice duckling sized lake. The little guy was still kicking. I righted him, and he ran into a corner of the yard and hid. It took me ten minutes to grab him and by that time mama duck and her brood had disappeared. It took me two hours in 105 degree temperature to find her nest. I was not happy, but I was determined not to become a freakin’ duck mother.

The little guy, who I’d named The Donald, because he had a tuft of downy yellow feathers on top of his head, was so happy to return to his brothers and sisters. Mama on the other hand charged at me flapping her wings and trying to peck me. Dumb duck.

I’m sure The Donald’s storytelling went like this:

“And the giant drove me around in a big red car and it had air conditioning.”

“I’m not kidding…it was soooo cool.”

“Yeah, she was kind of nice. Gentle. She had these big mounds on her chest and she let me nestle between them and I could hear the same sound Mama has. Lub dup, lub dup, lub dup…it made me sleepy.”

“Seriously. Same sound. I even kissed her on the finger a couple of times. She made me a swimming pool, and she got me a dish of mud and grass but I don’t know what she expected me to do with it. And she even put some crumbs of something white on it but I remembered Mama said don’t eat the stuff the giants give you or you’ll get a stomach ache, and—”

“The car? You want to hear more about that? Wait. I need to tell you about how she thought I was a prince or something.”

“Yeah, a prince. Stop laughing. She called me The Donald. Not just plain old Donald. The Donald. Like I was the prince of ducks.”

“Okay. That’s it. If you’re gonna laugh like that I’m not telling you anything else. Good night.”

On Friday, I bought a new book and stretched out on the couch in the living room in the late afternoon. I could hear really loud peeping and birds singing. The doors and windows were closed. It was around happy hour ,and I imagined the birds having a cocktail after a long day. I smiled and kept on reading, and the volume of the singing increased as evening came. I looked toward the fireplace and thought, “No!” I opened up the glass doors and swept back the mesh wire and got down on the floor with a flash light. There was no sign of birds in the chimney, at least for as far as I could see. But the noise? Oy! The volume was incredible. I have a flat roof. The roof is covered by our home owners association and we’re not supposed to climb up on them. I thought about doing that, and then I remembered I’m not as young as I used to be. It was Friday afternoon and the office was closed. I’d have to wait it out until Monday and hope the nest is near, but not within, the chimney.

I closed the book, and ate dinner while watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. The TV is in an alcove right next to the fireplace. The birds got quiet. I wondered if they were enjoying the shows. Maybe Mama Pigeon was telling them to hush and learn something.

The next morning I was thinking about the pigeons and the duckling as I pulled out of the garage to go and exercise. I wondered what the third thing that flew would be, and how it would have to arrive at my front door to make the circle complete. I glanced toward the door and noticed something white on the mat. I pulled up and went to see what had arrived. It was a little package from Romance Writers of America, in Houston. Inside was an invitation to the RITA and Golden Heart Finalists reception, and a GH pin. It’s a lovely golden heart, of course, and I immediately pinned it to my exercise top and set off for the day with a big smile on my face. Even though you can’t see the print, here is the invitation with the GH pin attached.

I find that things, good and bad, always seem to come in threes. What about you? Does this happen to you?

Oh, and an update on the pigeons. I think it got too hot up there on the rooftop, or they didn’t like my late night television watching, because they’ve vacated their condominium. Thank goodness. Tonight is my favorite show, The Voice, I wonder if they’d have sung along?





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22 Responses to Flying things and things in threes

  1. Janie Emaus says:

    I loved the way you described The Donald’s ride in your car. I agree, things do seem to come in threes.

  2. Robena Grant says:

    Hi Janie, thanks for stopping in. Yeah, The Donald sure had an adventure, and so did I. He was soooooo cute. ; )

  3. What a fun post! I loved the duck story, too cool. But my favorite? You pinning your golden heart onto your exercise top.
    Go, you!

  4. Robena Grant says:

    Thanks for coming by, Christine. Hope you had an amazing time at conference this past weekend.
    Re the pinning of myself: I’m a dork like that. ; )

  5. Marge says:

    Absolutely delightful story. You are so right- things do happen in 3’s. I can just imagine you driving around asking several mother ducks is this little “Donald” belongs to her.

  6. Robena Grant says:

    Yep, Marge, that’s about what happened. ; ) And because you know how hot that weekend was, you’ll also know how unhappy I was.

  7. Maria says:

    I loved this and finding the Donald’s mother and siblings was much better than becoming a step-duck mom. It was definitely a good thing. Your pin and invitation made me smile. I still have the big grin on my face. WOO-HOO!

  8. Great post Robena.

    Being the mystery writer that I am, I thought the white thing on the porch was going to be a white bird left as a present by a neighborhood cat. Guess I’m not happy unless somebody dies!

    • Robena Grant says:

      Ha ha, Kathy. Yeah, it was a very small white package and I couldn’t figure out what it could be from the street level. It was probably there from mail delivery the day before. So, all three things had nothing dead. At least I think the pigeons are still alive. ; )

  9. What a lucky duck. 😀 (You’re an awesome rescuer!)

    And I loved your pin and invite, too! Can’t wait to cheer you on!

  10. Robena Grant says:

    I ended up involving a ton of people in that duck rescue. And they were all so great with advice on what to feed it and how to protect it. And they were all so relieved when I found the mother. : )

  11. For a while after I moved here there was a wood burning stove that was no longer used. Birds would come down the chimney and get stuck in it sometimes and we’d have to get them out.
    The stove is gone and the opening closed now.
    There’s still a bluebird that bangs into the French doors sometimes, though.
    Birds are funny creatures.
    Yay for your Golden Heart pin.

    • Robena Grant says:

      Awww. Poor little bluebird. We had a discussion about birds doing strange things while I did my work out at Curves the other day. Everyone had a story of a bird crashing into windows and sliding doors. : )

  12. Roz Lee says:

    What a sweet story, from beginning to end. Your patience and concern for the little creatures is amazing. I love my NJ home and all the creatures who visit me here. Spring is finally trying to make an appearance, and with it come the birds of prey flying overhead, the robins and cardinals pecking at the yard, the swans in the lake down the road, and the occasional flock of geese making their way north from their extended Florida vacation. Oh, and the turkeys who were fortunate enough not to end up on platters!
    Thanks for the laughs, and congrats on the GH pin! I’d wear it everywhere!

  13. Robena Grant says:

    Roz!!! This is so weird, we must have been commenting on each other’s blogs at the same time. I just left yours. Ha ha. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Your home in NJ sounds similar to mine in the Cali desert. I love spring.

  14. Julie says:

    Whew! A happy ending, I’m so glad. And oh I love The Donald’s viewpoint!

    You’re not a dork at all, you are a proud author. (And a brilliant story teller.)

  15. Robena Grant says:

    Hey Julie! Thanks for coming by, and for the lovely compliments. I can use some power of positive thinking this week. ; )

  16. I totally believe that all good things come in threes. Don ‘t know why, but it’s my superstition and I’m sticking to it!

    What a lovely pin, Roben. Wear it with pride and enjoy every step along the way.

    • Robena Grant says:

      Thanks for dropping by, Lynne. Welcome home. Hope your vacation was a ton of fun. Yep, I think that things in threes stuff was experienced by both of us as R.N.’s right?

  17. londonmabel says:

    Oh you good bird helper you!