Embracing change

While I worked out at the gym yesterday, a woman and I talked about change. She’d seen a bumper sticker that read, Hope and Change: I’ll take the hope, you keep the change. That made me laugh, and I needed to laugh.

A recent change for me was the loss of my beautiful, elderly Akita dog, Nikki. She was put to rest last Thursday. She loved me unconditionally and thought her job was to soften some of my harder edges, and she taught me more about love than any human ever has. I’m a dinosaur, a homebody, a loner who would rather stay at home with her dog as her sole company and often used the dog as an excuse to decline invitations. I’m now being forced to reach out and engage with others. It’s all good, I’m just out of practice.

Change is often hard to accept, yet when we embrace it, new insights and adventures can bloom. I think the key to being happy in life is to keep learning and growing and changing with the times. To grow, we learn, and in learning we teach, in teaching we lead, and in leading we make mistakes. Making mistakes reminds us that we’re human. When we learn from our mistakes and embrace new things we cause forward movement, and when we work to change things in ourselves then that will cause things around us to change. I like that last part of the sentence, and I’m almost certain it came from Dr. Wayne Dyer (I read a ton of information about change and personal transformation, so I can’t be positive) but let’s give it to him.

Truthfully, I think we’re a lot like snakes. Not all slimy and slithery, with fangs that can poison, but in respect to their skin. We need to shed our skin every once in a while, just like the snake does, and leave that old crusty thing by the side of the road so we can move on to embrace the new. We must make changes to prevent ourselves from falling into resignation, or doom and gloom. Life in the same dry old snake skin can prevent movement, and it lacks in luster. We want to show all of the shiny colors of our skin. 

Today I venture into another change. My new website and blog have gone live. I have a new shiny skin. Yay! Now if I can just figure out what all of the little widgets mean then I might actually have a post.  So what about you? How do you accept change? Do you withdraw, battle through, or learn all there is to know and proceed with caution?  



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30 Responses to Embracing change

  1. Gina B. says:

    I love this pic of Nikki…what a beautiful girl, with the sweetest face ever. Change can definitely be a wonderful thing. Sometimes major changes I’ve made to try and make things better didn’t work out the way I planned, but I’ve always ended up being glad I made them. Forward movement is always a good thing. Thanks for the great and thought-provoking post, Robena!

    • Robena says:

      Hey Gina:
      Yeah, it’s a funny thing about changes and how they often don’t take us along the path we’d initially intended. But I think the action taken to change will always produce something of interest.

  2. Dear Robena,
    I love your new website. It is clean and crisp,(just like you) easy to read (unlike you), and very inviting (again, like you.)

    My heart aches over your losing Nikki. She was a good ol’ girl and I know you’re off balance now without her, but, you being you, will get back on track. Hugs on that.

    I love your introduction on your homepage. You are a wise woman, and those who visit this blog will be enriched for their efforts.

    Now go show off that shiny new skin!


    • Robena says:

      Hi Lynne:
      I’m not too sure how wise I am, but I will accept those sweet words and bask for a while. : )

  3. Maria says:

    I love the new blog Robena and am so sorry to read about Nikki. I know how much she meant to you.

  4. Kaitlin O'Riley says:

    I love your new website, Robena! It’s very elegant. And here’s to positive changes!

    • Robena says:

      Thank you, Kaitlin. I need to go by your website and see what you’ve been up to lately. ; )

  5. Elaine Steinberg says:

    Dear Roben – I was saddened by your news about Nikki. We had talked about just a short while ago. On July 4th we sent our beloved Savannah to heaven. Hopefully she will play with Nikki.

    I know it is too soon, but there was a note at my Vet’s office about an Akita-Shephert mix that needed a home. Not sure what the sex was but I know the dog was about 8 months. If you’re interested at all, contact me and I’ll give you the Vet’s number.

    Your website is great. You inspire me to get off my “duff” and get one also.

    Hugs to you,


    • Robena says:

      Thank you, Elaine. Yes, our two furry friends will be able to romp in that big dog park in the sky. It’s too soon for me, and I’d like to try for a while to not have a dog as I have a bit of travel to do, but thanks for the suggestion. Also, if you ever decide on a website, Karen is very experienced and great to work with.

  6. Hi Robena!

    What a great site! Like others have said, very crisp and clean.

    My husband and I have said goodbye to three dogs and two cats over the past 20 years. It never gets any easier.Your dog has such personality in that photo!

    As for change…it’s never easy, but usually for the better – at least that’s been my experience.

    I’ll be at the meeting!

    • Robena says:

      Hi Kathy, I’ll look forward to seeing you at the meeting. I loved your book. What a fast paced read. : ) Yep, saying goodbye to our furry friends is never easy.

  7. Roz Lee says:


    I love the new site, and let me add my condolences for your loss. Our furry friends are treasures, and their love and companionship beyond measure.

    You are so right about us needing to embrace change. I just had a similar conversation with my youngest – about me, not her, needing to push myself a little harder. It’s so easy to fall into a pattern of behavior, and much harder to break out of those patterns.

    Thanks for the great post! I’ll see you at the Sept. LARA meeting.

  8. Congrats Robena on embracing change and still finding hope! Also, congrats on the new website.

    It’s funny how change can be both a negative and positive thing. Most of the time when you ask people what they think of “change” the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s a negative thing that happens to them. Even though “change” can also refer to things that we actively pursue and when we have that break through, its a positive thing.

    Great post!

    • Robena says:

      I know what you mean, Christine. Most of us get so used to things being one way, doing things one way, that we can fear change.

  9. Hi Robena –
    Love your blog & website. It’s a really good reflection of you.
    Sorry about your dog. That’s tough. I put one down last summer.
    I generally love change so I run towards it with open arms.
    BTW be sure your blog is on the betty blog roll. E-mail Alastair if you haven’t already!

  10. Dee J. says:

    Hi Roben,

    Your post made me cry. My deepest condolences on the loss of Nikki. I know she’ll be greatly missed.

    Your website is beautiful! Congrats!

    As far as change… since I’m still working in show biz, I’m constantly changing, jumping from show to show every year or two. It’s not something I love, but certainly something I’ve grown to live with. I’ve had lots of “first days” in a lot of places. In general, I think it’s good for us to be forced into new situations. It’s just scary to face it all.

    • Robena says:

      Thank you, Dee J. It is so hard when we lose our furry friends. Yes, you have had a lot of change, a lot of “first days” it’s like that line from 50 First Dates, theres nothing like a first kiss, as she kisses him each day but remembers none of it after sleeping through the night. Your changes keep your mind flexible, and adaptible.

  11. Congratulations on the lovely site – as everyone has said, it’s clean and fresh and very inviting. (btw, I clicked on the FB button and went nowhere :-(.)

    I had an Akita mix myself, some years back, and he was the BEST dog. They are so smart and loyal. Nikki looks like she was a sweetheart, and it’s sad that our furry friends don’t live as long as we do. Be seeing you around the blogosphere and LARA.

    • Robena says:

      Thanks for stopping in, Bev. Yeah, I know I could never get into the whole Facebook thing. But I am playing with Google+, and have just opened a Twitter account. Baby steps. ; 0 Akita’s are amazing dogs, so intelligent and loyal.

  12. Robin says:

    Hi Robena ~ I’m so sorry to hear about Nikki.

    Congrats on your new website!

  13. Leigh Court says:

    Pets are like part of the family, so I’m sorry for your loss, Roben. I love your new website… I wish you many new shiny moments in your new skin!


  14. Your new website is beautiful, and I love your sentiments on the opening page–they express what we go through as writers and in life. Your website is indeed a reflection of you–thoughtful and wonderfully written. I know personally that I resist change sometimes, because I equate it with loss. But like you said, it can also bring positive things; it just may take a while to see them.

    • Robena says:

      Hey Melissa. Good to see you here. Thank you, and good insight into change…I always think fear, but you’re right, loss is so true.

  15. Merry says:

    Oh, she looks adorable! A very sweet face. Thank you for sharing her picture with us.

    In four days it will be the one-year anniversary since my dog decided it was time to go. I still miss her.

    • Robena says:

      Merry, I’m so glad you dropped in, and thanks for your nice comments on Jenny’s blog. I sure do miss my girl but know it was the right decision to make for her.