Of Tea Leaves and Coffee Dregs

I have Irish ancestors and was raised with not only a sense of the ridiculous but a life steeped in superstition, story, and practical jokes. Oh, and a lot of beer. My mother read tea leaves when I was young. She used real tea leaves and a big teapot—not those little dunking bags—and no matter how you strained the liquid a few leaves always stayed in the cup. When you were finished drinking you’d turn the cup upside down on the saucer, turn the cup by the handle three times clockwise, raise it, and then read the leaves. The pattern created the story, along with of course the Irish talent of embellishment.

As I grew older, I turned to coffee as my hot drink of choice. I notice patterns in the bottom of my coffee mug. I brew the coffee and it filters so these are not grounds, just a light brown film of coffee combined with milk at the bottom, a stain or residue that dries as the mug sits next to the computer. I’ll often see an animal, a familiar face, or the shape of a country. Sometimes I see the distinct map of Australia, and because my family lives there, I see this as a sign. I pick up the phone. There is always a reason for the call, or Mom was about to call me. Now you can call this coincidence if you like, that’s fine with me. : ) But that brings me to another subject. What is coincidence?

Do you believe in coincidence and synchronicity? Have you ever thought of someone you haven’t seen or heard from in a long time and then the phone rings, and there they are? Or, you have a deep longing that you’ve never even told your best friend about, and unforeseen events occur to bring it into your life. Have you ever thought if you hadn’t done X then Y would never have been able to happen? Do you take those coincidences and use them as messages or guides that are coming to you from the universe?

Deepak Chopra’s book, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, speaks of harnessing that infinite power of coincidence and making it work for you on a local level. Chopra says these moments are glimpses of a place where everything happens at the same time, or synchronistically, where past, present, and future blend into one. If you pay attention to the signs and figure out what the message is, you can benefit from them and consciously make them work for you thereby creating your own good luck.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen Africa three times. Now what could that mean? I have no money slotted for travel. I’m not writing a story about Africa. I’m writing a story set in the Mediterranean, and I’ve been thinking of taking a cruise if I can save enough dollars. 

Oh…the Mediterranean Sea is above Africa…well, there you go then. No more candy for me, I need to start saving.

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6 Responses to Of Tea Leaves and Coffee Dregs

  1. I want to remember to let my coffee dry in the bottom of the cup and look at it. I have definitely experienced synchronicity though I can’t think of a story offhand.
    Wow – a cruise for you. Sounds like big, exciting fun.

    • Robena says:

      Cruise? Depends on the pennies in the jar. It doesn’t make much sound when I rattle it. Heh.

  2. I’m a believer in that the unseen Universe is connected much like our muscular systems. We can steer things in a certain direction and be positive much akin to taking care of our bodies inside and out. However, there are phonies out there. We must use our divine knowledge and listen to our hearts. You are your best psychic.
    Thanks, Robena!

  3. Hi Robena,
    I see you not as a superstitious type but a person deep in touch with that sixth sense. I say the Mediterranean is calling, and you should go. Especially on one of those lovely cruise ships. 🙂 However, the part of the Med. that Africal touches – well that’s Algeria and Libya and a few other places I’d be afraid to go near these days. I’d stick to the European side of the Med. sea. : )
    sorry I could spend more time with you at the meeting. Glad to know I’ll see you soon – 10th? : )

    • Robena says:

      I just had this conversation with one of my sisters about the unrest over in those parts. The cruise I’ve had my eye on (ha ha) leaves from Rome and scoots around to Athens and ends in Istanbul. There is one one day stop in Tunisia. We shall see.
      Yes, looking forward to the tenth. : )