My Red Shoe


Isn’t she lovely?

Note the heading above does not say red shoes, as in a pair of red shoes. It’s the story of one perfect miniature red shoe, and one that I searched for and could not find. Whenever I visited a gift shop I looked for it, but to no avail, and then my friend Lynne Marshall googled and found it at and the artist of the fascinating ornaments is Raine. Now why did I not think of Google? Of course the Internet has a way of finding anything and everything. *slaps forehead* I’d originally purchased the shoe in a gift shop and that was the way of my memory. Or it could be that I’m old fashioned.

The story surrounding the shoe dates back to 2004-05 when I belonged to a small writer’s critique group. Lynne was one of those members, and we were meeting on the Sunday and exchanging holiday gifts. I had nothing to give, so on the Saturday went shopping. I found four red shoes and there were five of us. I really wanted one for myself.  Anyway, I gave the ladies their gift and made up a little story and told them the red shoe was magical and if tapped on their desk it would bring them luck. They would be published. Lo and behold, (I love saying that) all four of them got published over the next five years. I got my first contract earlier this year.

See how tiny she is?

A couple of weeks ago, Lynne posted a story on her blog about talismans, mementos, and good luck charms,  and I commented about the red shoe that she featured. A few weeks ago she presented me with my very own red shoe as an early birthday present. I’m an October baby but no harm in celebrating early, right? The very next day I got a second book contract from The Wild Rose Press for The Blue Dolphin.

I put special coins inside my shoe: A U.S. one dollar coin, an Angel coin, a Mexican coin, A Canadian coin, an Australian coin, and one lucky sixpence. I’m thinking maybe that will pull good sales my way. Heck, a gal can dream can’t she?

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18 Responses to My Red Shoe

  1. Janie Emaus says:

    That’s a beautiful story. And a great shoe!

  2. Not sure that I have just one lucky talisman, Robena, but I collect anything that has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on it. They, and my real Cavaliers, definitely bring me luck! I love your red shoe story.

  3. I love this story. Besides having a special lucky charm, you’ve got special friends! I’m looking forward to reading your books and know that more good things aren’t far behind. <3

  4. robena grant says:

    Thanks, Robin. I do feel blessed with friends and chapter mates. It means a lot to me because my family (mother and sisters) are all in Australia and I often wish we lived closer.

  5. Sam Beck says:

    The shoe is adorable, but the “luck” is in the friends! (And the hard work, perserverence, talent, timing, etc.)

  6. robena grant says:

    Thanks, Sam. You are so right, and I consider myself very lucky in the friend department. : )

  7. Robert L. Hecker says:

    Robena, The shoe reminds me of a true WWII event about the perfect shoe that I incorperated in my novel “Rush To Glory.” A pilot I knew when he went to London on a three day pay, always took his perfect shoe with him. I was a lady’s pump, size 2, with 4-in heel. He would crash any party he could find where there were English girls, and tell them that if the shoe fit any of them he would produce its mate and give the pair to them. Then he spend the rest of his time trying the shoe on the giggling girls, having a great time doing it and getting names and addresses — and dates. Naturally, the shoe never fit any of them, so he got to use it over and over. It made a neat sequence in my novel. Robert

  8. robena grant says:

    Ha ha. That’s a great story about a devilish character, Robert. I’m glad you got to use that in one of your books. Now I think I should read Rush to Glory.
    Thanks so much for stopping by.

  9. I was thrilled when I located a red shoe just like the one you gave me Robena. I keep a crystal four leaf clover in my red shoe, but I really like the idea of putting in those coins.

    Wishing you all the best luck, lady!

    • robena grant says:

      Thanks, Lynne. And Happy anniversary! Hope you’re having a wonderful time.
      Thank you again for thinking of me, and for tracking down that shoe. I’ll always treasure it.

  10. I’m thinking you’re not going to need luck to sell your book. Word of mouth from those of us who read it will do that for you.

  11. robena grant says:

    Oh, thanks, Judy. Word of mouth selling would be awesome. Seriously, I think that is how the most sales are made because I see that in my book club. Now fingers crossed that enough people like the story in order to recommend it. ; )

  12. Julie says:

    Confirmed. You are SO freaking Magickal.

    (Oh that website ……
    I want to WEAR those shoes, not just look at them.)

    • robena grant says:

      Ha ha. Julie when I first held that shoe in my hand my thought was where can I buy a pair just like this? It’s a beautiful design and would look great with a suit or a pair of jeans. Just sayin’.

  13. londonmabel says:

    Great story!

    I have a ruby-slippers necklace. It’s a talisman, but not a writing one. I guess my stuffed Oscar Wilde doll helps in that department. 😉

  14. robena grant says:

    Yep, London. Anything Oscar Wilde would be sure to draw positive writing vibes your way.