Hunky Halloween Heroes and Smurfs…

Many of you know that I zip up and down the freeway to Los Angeles and it’s a long and boring drive with about one third of it being desert landscape. I use the time effectively and often don’t even listen to music, preferring instead to write book scenes in my head or to plot out new storylines. I become my own captive audience and some of my best writing is done in that red Camry. : )

Last weekend I’d gone up to L.A. for my birthday. Had a scrumptious birthday dinner at Senor Fred’s, it’s in the style of Senor Frog’s in Mexico, and it was a great treat. The restaurant is extremely dark though and we had to change tables as our first one had no overhead lighting and I couldn’t read the menu, even with my glasses on. Ha ha. When we slid into a semi-circular booth with five foot high walls allowing diners in the next booth complete privacy I got the inkling this was not a place for an old mother. Each booth held one young couple and they all seemed to be snuggled up close. There was a fireplace in the back, a long bar with cozy seating, and did I mention dark?

Ah, well. The kids treated me royally. Here’s my dessert:


On the drive home Monday morning, the radio was tuned to a L.A. station instead of my usual desert C&W station, 106.1 FM. It was rock. I’m going to venture to say it was 104 FM but not certain. My daughter must have chosen it the night before. Because I was smack dab in the middle of edits, I did not want to venture into making up new stories so I sang along with Cee Lo Green. There was a talk show on and it appealed to me so much I listened for at least half the journey. Two young DJ’s discussed sexy Halloween costumes for men. They claimed there were so many sexy costumes for women, but none for men. They invited listeners to call in recommendations and as they waited they laughed about costumes they’d worn in previous years, and which costumes got them the most phone numbers that night. It amused me no end because one of them sounded like my late twenties son. Not that he’d be caught wearing any costume anywhere.

As a romance writer I have to think about how to dress my hero, and what makes a hero appealing or sexy to the reader. I’m not into costumes at all and this got me thinking about what costume a grown man would wear. Pirate was the first one to pop into my head. But of course he’d have to look like Johnny Depp, otherwise forget the whole exercise. Callers chimed in with suggestions: fireman, cowboy, pirate, and cop. Then one woman called and suggested a Smurf. The DJ’s laughed their butts off. So did I. Then she went on to explain that the guy would have to be really ripped. He’d spray his body with blue paint and be naked except for puffy short pants.

What do you think? Hot or not? What would your sexiest costume choice be if you were given the rare opportunity to dress up your very own hunky Halloween hero?

And for your viewing pleasure, come back here after you leave your comment, it’s Smurfingly delicious:

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30 Responses to Hunky Halloween Heroes and Smurfs…

  1. My husband absolutely hates halloween parties, but once he had to dress up and, you guessed it, he wore a pirate costume.

    In my early twenties, I went to a Halloween costume with my boyfriend at the time, and I was amazed how many of the guys dressed like women. I think men are so fascinated with women, when given the opportunity to dress up like one, they take it. As if that might help explain to them how we are on the inside. LOL. Oh, and they all acted like total sluts. So I guess they all dressed like their dream woman. 🙂

    • robena grant says:

      Oh, that is so interesting, and Bill would make a great pirate. : )

      One of the DJ’s was speaking about sexy women’s costumes and he mentioned nurse. Now having been an RN, like you, I see nothing sexy there…just a lot of blood and bile, and other yucky stuff.

  2. Sorry – meant to say Halloween party, not Halloween costume (party)

  3. robena grant says:

    I didn’t even notice. ; )

  4. Janie Emaus says:

    Back in my younger days we used to host an “almost erotic Halloween party”. Lots of hunky guys in very unusual costumes!

  5. Skye says:

    I think most guys don’t think they even have to work at being sexy, so they don’t think about whether their costume is sexy or not.

    I rather like swashbuckling types of costumes on men: pirate, Robin Hood, anything with tights or a cape and a sword, y’know? The pirate doesn’t even have to resemble Capt. Jack Sparrow! 🙂 But not enough men like to swashbuckle. I think they think it’s girly. But it’s way sexier than a lumberjack!

  6. We used to have Halloween parties every year, and my hubby and I always tried to coordinate our costumes. One year, in our mid-twenties, he was a surfer. He dyed his hair blonde (his is naturally brown) and wore board shorts and looked *hot.* 😉

    I’m not sure about the Smurf costume, mostly because of the body paint. I think there are a lot of other good options if a guy has a good body besides painting himself.

    • robena grant says:

      A surfer dude. Yay! When I was growing up in Australia (think sixties) you were either a rocker or a surfer. Everyone in my family leaned toward surfer. I of course had a hankering for the rocker, but they were the bad guys, sooooo…

  7. Sorry–Blue and Smurf do nothing for me–except maybe on a six year old as cute stuff. (no matter how ripped a man might be) There is something kinda creepy about mixing children’s characters with sexy.

    Men in tights–always good for any reason. I have been partial to the puffy shirt. Yeah , like the one in that Seinfeld episode. Pirate-esque? Perhaps. A masculine man is best set off in period costume that might resemble ‘feminine’ in today’s lore. Maybe it is because it is such a contrast?

    Service uniforms A+
    Vampires – overdone, but hot
    Superheros – good
    K-nine : cute
    Surfer–oh yeah! (Chasing Mavericks to be released Oct 26 is AWESOME, btw)
    Politician–slimy and not sexy
    Business man in suit – so seldom seen anymore, can be really hot
    How about a tux–as in chauffeur or movie star? Any reason to dress up

    Thanks for the Monday morning fantasy fest Roben!

    • robena grant says:

      Now Christine, you didn’t mention men in kilts. For shame. : )

      But, yes, I’m with you on all of those. And if a guy is going to bother putting on a costume why shouldn’t he go for hot and sexy? Show a little skin guys. Ha ha.

  8. Oh, I love the surfer idea. A good excuse to get him shirtless!

    • robena grant says:

      Hi Kate, thanks for stopping by. Yes, and he can even wear jewelry to draw more attention to his wonderful chest. : ) It seems the surfer dudes are winning out. Are they in board shorts or wet suits? Hmmmm.

  9. Gina Bono says:

    How cool to get the chance to dress up my very own hunky Halloween hero! I’d dress him like Maverick from Top Gun. A white T-shirt, jeans, bomber jacket and aviator shades. I like that look. Either that or Superman. I have a major thing for Superman. 🙂

  10. robena grant says:

    Oooooh, Maverick. And no skin. That is a hot costume. Now why am I singing, “You never close your eyes anymore…?” : )

  11. Sam Beck says:

    Oooh, fun assignment. Let’s see … if I could dress a hunk for Halloween … I have to admit, I’m partial to lifegaurds (too much Baywatch during my wasted youth) and surfers (too much Islands in my present).

  12. Carol says:

    How cool it that – the cover of your first book! Congratulations, Robena.

    Nope the blue paint doesn’t do it for me. There is something about a kilt I like very much. Or a hot soccer player or surfer. We rarely went to costume parties, cannot remember what we wore, I think it was a 50’s rock and roll couple.

    • robena grant says:

      Hey, Carol. I’ve missed you. Hope everything is good with you, and thanks for the congrats!
      Yeah, I think I’d be hiding in a dark corner if my date escorted me to a party half-naked with a blue painted body. I think I’d have to have a drink or two first. : 0

  13. Nan says:

    I’d definitely dress my hero up in a tux, a la James Bond. Give him a martini (shaken,not stirred) and turn him loose on the female Halloween revelers?

    Or a lab coat and big horn-rimmed glasses–because what’s sexier than a hot nerd? Not much!

  14. LOL, I did wonder how it was that this seemingly innocuous post was firewalled by my school when I took a look at break time. You and those sexy Halloween costumes.

    Elizabethan/pirate costume for me please. Mmm.

  15. A man in uniform–ANY uniform–is incredibly sexy. This includes formalwear (white tie & tails, yum). Since the hero of the mystery-romance I’m working on now is from the 19th Century, I’m going to go for those tight trousers, frock coats, top hats and boots. Of course, there’s also the Elizabethan era…

  16. robena grant says:

    Sharon, thanks for stopping by. Yes, there’s an idea, white tie and tails. A man I dated went in costume as Sherlock Holmes and I thought he was gorgeous. : )

  17. lol I hope Delia doesn’t read this. I think a man dressed as a soccer player has the potential for being sexy. (Delia has teased me because I tend to choose soccer players as placekeepers for my novel heroes. See Carlos Tevez or Rio Ferdinand.)

  18. robena grant says:

    Soccer player. Short shorts. Well muscled thighs. Oh yes, definitely sexy. And hey, great placeholders. : )

  19. Julie says:

    No uniforms for me, nope. Not sexy. Not tights either. And I have to disagree with Skye, a buff logger (we don’t say “lumberjack” on this coast, or around real loggers) is VERY sexy. Surfers? Hell yeah, reminds me of the ones I knew and dated. By far though, the most gorgeous, is a highlander. (Why yes, I HAVE read too much Diana Gabaldon.) Or a Celtic chieftain. As long as he’s in a kilt and has long hair, I’m good. (Viking, also nice.) Capt Jack goes without saying.

    Also though, this is a religious holiday for me, so dress-up is slightly sacrilegious. We just don’t. But the brainstorming of it is fun. Your ideas always are!

    p.s. NO on the Smurf thing, I agree with Christine, all this sexualizing of children’s characters is too icky for me. But then, so is the idea that all costumes for women have to be so overly sexualized too.

  20. robena grant says:

    I agree, Julie. No cartoon characters. And yes of course you wouldn’t be dressing up. But yep, the surfer dude seems to get a lot of votes. At our National conference a couple of the guys wore kilts and one had his photo taken with Nora Roberts. They sure did get a lot of attention. : )