Robena2While I consider myself quite American, the first thing new acquaintances ask is, “Where are you from?” This takes me by surprise because I don’t hear an accent except after a trip to Australia–where I sit around drinking copious cups of tea and talking to my mother, three sisters, three brothers, and their extended families–and then I arrive back in California speaking pure Australian.

I’ve lived in the United States for over thirty years. I came here as a young Registered Nurse. I have since lived and worked in several states and explored this amazing country. My American family consists of two adult children and a wealth of friends. My life is one of simple pleasures, writing, daydreaming, and making up stories as I walk around the lake. There is nothing more beautiful to me than mountains and lakes, and my desert oasis features both. I can spend hours watching the ducks on the water, or the way the long shadows change the colors in the mountains, or how the magnificent sunrises and sunsets flame the sky.

Short Bio:

Robena Grant is Australian by birth but resides in Southern California. She has two adult children, enjoys reading, swimming, friends, simple dinners, a glass of wine, a board game, and heaven forbid…karaoke! Travel has always been her greatest love. France, Australia, Italy, England, and Scotland have featured in her stories. She often chooses a setting that has captured her senses through travel.

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